The Vault Shop offers a top-quality consignment service at a discount to the market. We only sell 100% authentic merchandise.

What is your fee?

The Vault Shop uses an 85/15 rule. You sell a shoe, we take 15% of the gross sales price.

How do I know the shoes I'm buying are real?

All shoes receive The Vault Shop's "2-Point Inspection." 

1. Shoes are first examined by pictures taken by the Consignor. Upon review of the Consignor's shoes, the shoes are either accepted or rejected. If accepted, the Consignor will be sent our professional consignment contract for signature.

2. Upon The Vault Shop's receiving of the contract, we will ask the Consignor to ship their shoes. Upon receipt of the shoes, they are again inspected by our experienced Sneaker Heads to confirm accuracy of condition and authenticity. If the shoes are rejected, the Consignor must pay for return shipping.

Where are you located?

We are located in New York. We have a 35,000 square foot warehouse facility in Lindenhurst, NY with several sorting and shipping professionals. We plan to expand to other markets, such as Miami and Los Angeles. A retail store in Manhattan is currently in the works.